Landfleet was operating its fleet management system manually, and it required immense human resources and time to run an error-free fleet monitoring system. The company needs a special development to fulfill its business requirement for automatically receiving trip requests from customers, booking a suitable vehicle for them, coordinating with the contractors regarding drivers or vehicles, reviewing trip management plans, and sending them to the customer to obtain the necessary approvals.

Proposed Development

Objects proposed a comprehensive solution to Landfleet to build a powerful system for them to manage fleet requests that deliver supplies from and to places. This efficient system is supposed to improve company performance and reduce costs by facilitating creating requests and tracking drivers and their routes.

Since fleet management involves a lot of factors and remote communication between customers, companies, vendors, and drivers, they all require an efficient mechanism to coordinate and track the progress.

Keeping all the requirements in mind, including regional language issues, Objects developers proposed a comprehensive solution of developing a Web Application in both English and Arabic. To run the web application smoothly, it has an Admin back-end panel. Not only this, but Objects developers also proposed a mobile application for drivers to keep them in the loop and track their traveling status. That mobile application is also integrated with Google Map for real-time tracking and to send real-time notifications while the trip is going on.


Objects developed a web application using custom code of PHP (Symfony framework), MySQL Database, and REST API. It has a back-end admin panel to control the fleet operation system.


A mobile application that is integrated with Google Map for real-time tracking and notification for drivers. We used flutter, firebase cloud functions, and firebase real-time DB technologies to develop that mobile application.


With the help of Objects’ development, now Landfleet has an efficient system to manage the fleet management process easily in one central portal, and drivers can do their work from a smartphone and no need to have a laptop or paper to fulfill the process.

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