Create Your ETA Invoices Quickly And Easily

We offer integration services for ETA in the ERP environment to make it easier for businesses to handle day-to-day payments.

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How Our ETA Invoicing Services Work

Our ETA (e-invoice) is superior to other e-invoicing software for helping businesses. Objects’ ETA integrated solution automates the flow of financial documents between Odoo and other ERP systems inside a company. Any firm or industry can send, receive, and process invoices electronically.
We specialize in developing “ETA” codes that perfectly suit each of your products and services. You just need to submit a list of your products and services, and we will code the perfect “ETA” for

Easy to Use

Create your business invoices quickly and effortlessly


Sign your invoices and send them to “ETA” with a click


Your data will be safe in worldwide data centers

Roles and Permissions

Permits multiple accountants to invoice and link with ETA

Sign in to your e-invoices

Create, sign, and sync e-invoices in-system without the “ETA” portal

Centralized Database

Search invoices by date or customer anywhere, anytime.

Our Core Modules For ETA Services

Objects focus on ETA invoicing and help businesses strengthen end-to-end services, including accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory, CRM, and many more.


A reduction in document errors, a shorter time to payment, high-quality data, and efficient accounting paperwork with all trading partners.


Safe, transparent inventory data interchange with all partners, faster invoice processing, and supplier payments.


Anti-tampering CRM measures, such as a unique e-invoice number and QR code, e-signing, and e-invoice data hashing, lower the risk of fraud.


Order-to-cash and invoice times are reduced by 45%. -to-pay cycles as a result of quicker e-invoice submission and processing.

Create Your ETA Invoices Quickly And Easily

Our Process

We’re incredibly versatile in what we can do for our clients. We strive to develop relationships based on mutual benefit with our customers, employees, and business partners.


Access your system from any device with Internet connectivity


Access your system any time with the cloud option


Upgrading your e-invoicing system with additional modules


Daily automated backups of all data
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