Objects provide LAMP (Linux + Apache + MySQL+ PHP) development services to help businesses get tailored solutions for their unique requirements. With a stronghold in PHP-based technology, our LAMP developer team comes ahead as a trusted partner for companies looking for flexible, scalable, and cost-effective applications tha t take them forward.

Web/App Development

Our LAMP experts leverage agile methodologies and build websites and web applications that can run on any platform and in any environment. Whatever website and app building problems you have, we have the LAMP Solution to help.

Custom Development

Whether it’s frameworks, content management systems, or E-commerce platforms, we can harness the power of LAMP to build you a wide range of custom solutions that will serve your diverse range of needs.

Application Migration/Porting

By collecting the relevant details about the product, current platform/stack, and current language/locale, Objects provide advanced LAMP application porting and migrations services to benefit broad access across platforms.

Ecommerce Solution

Whether you’re looking to develop an e-Commerce website from scratch or want to renovate an existing site, our LAMP developers provide you eCommerce solutions tailored to meet the needs of your business in terms of design, functionality, and future growth.

Server Development

Objects facilitate custom ‘LAMP Server Development’ services, focusing on the dynamics of the website with the advanced PHP frameworks. Moreover, our LAMP developers usually experiment with the new technologies that make us highly innovative in LAMP server development.

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