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Rxduced is a smartphone app that enables users to save money on prescribed medications. It works in three simple steps: medication & dosage selection, local pharmacy selection, and showing the discount coupon to the selected pharmacist. Rxduced cover for more than 35,000 pharmacies.


The main pain point of developing the Rxduced smart app was that not all patients know that they can get promoted offers on their medications. There is a lot of variation in medications price between pharmacies, and each pharmacy can offer different discounts on medications.

The most challenging part of the Rxduced app is letting people know the best price easily from over 35,0000 pharmacies.

Proposed Development

Objects’ mobile app developers proposed a comprehensive solution to Rxduced using the latest technologies in app development.

We first built MVP for the Rxduced mobile app and integrated it with rxsense API. We use Flutter technology to develop the smart app for Rxduced that works on Android & iOS both. Objects mobile developers also proposed app admin panel and APIs for authentication module and users data.

Our developers also made it possible API integration with Rxsense for medications and coupons.

For developing Rxduced smart app, Objects used PHP (Symfony framework), MySQL Database, REST API, and Flutter.


With Rxduced smart mobile app, now patients are just a few clicks away to get their medications with a simple search to get the best price and the coupon they can use at the pharmacy.


A mobile application that is integrated with Google Map for real-time tracking and notification for drivers. We used flutter, firebase cloud functions, and firebase real-time DB technologies to develop that mobile application.


With the help of Objects’ development, now Landfleet has an efficient system to manage the fleet management process easily in one central portal, and drivers can do their work from a smartphone and no need to have a laptop or paper to fulfill the process.
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