The pain point of developing a web application for Helpat is to support the patients to live their lives better, enabling pharmaceutical companies to conduct the patients’ support program in a smart and lean setup compliant to the latest pharmaceutical good practices.

[Digital PSP] ​A digital platform connecting more than 1500 pharmacies and laboratories with patients and pharmaceutical / medical insurance companies.

Proposed Development

Creating a web application that facilitates registering customers and patients through call center agents of the company. Also allows pharmacies to perform transactions for medications based on strict programs defined by the company.

Allow medications manufacturers to get informative statistics about the consumption of their products through programs provided by the company.

Give the company admin access to manage and control the offered programs and database of patients, pharmacies, and product managers.

Allows patients to benefit from getting free of charge packs of their medicine by being enrolled in programs provided by the company. All of this with collaboration with pharmacies to provide medicine and control programs fulfillment for patients.

Creating a mobile app for patients to get other medications that are not available on programs.

Objects developers utilized PHP (Symfony framework), PHP (WordPress), MySQL Database, REST API, Flutter, Firebase real-time db, SMS gateway integration to develop Helpat web application, digital PSP, and mobile application.


With Objects web, digital PSP, and mobile app development, Helpat can run a system with full control over patients’ fulfillment process. Especially to get the packs on time and get the free packs for each program.

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