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El Agamy Institute

The first and largest higher institute in Ajami accredited and equivalent to the Ministerial Decree No 146 of the Ministry of Higher Education Duration of study by four academic years conferring a bachelor’s degree.


Many students have been absent from school for more than six months due to COVID-19. In response, educators and tech hubs worldwide have risen to the occasion with a steadfast determination to ensure that students continue to learn and grow, even when they lack access to technology.
The educational response work of El Agamy Institute is part of a three-pronged global COVID-19 response framework developed to ensure that the students can leverage their syllabus and learning to confront the COVID-19 pandemic in a coordinated manner. El Agamy Institute has collaborated with local and global stakeholders to develop new and adapt existing educational platforms.

Proposed Solution

As evidenced by the steady emergence and popularity of online course, management, and academic, professional degree programs, online learning has become an essential component of higher education.
Objects play their part in managing class participation, parents’ meeting, attendance, and course. Furthermore, managing and organizing each class and scheduling is the most inclusive feature of this app. 
The proposed online school management app includes an admin panel, a staff and student panel, exams and attendance module, a fees collection, salary and expense management, class test management, student and staff data record system, and various other features.


El Agamy Institute provides a completed students learning system integrated with extra resources to improve students’ learning procedures. Admins and teachers can create online classes within the app, and the contact link is updated in both the students’ and teachers’ dashboards.


El Agamy Institute is compiled through PHP (Symfony framework) and uses the MySQL Database. It is compatible with all versions of Windows. REST API, Flutter, and Firebase Realtime DB allow you to access your application from any android or iOS device.

Final Product

Objects serve as a source of symbolism for El Agamy Institute. Our innovative development ideas and beacon of knowledge improve online learning and demonstrate that learning is a continuous process that transcends time and space. Objects contribute to the long-term viability of learning for students of all ages, races, religions, genders, and socioeconomic backgrounds.
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