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Alexandria Sports Club

Alexandria Sports Club, also known as Sporting Alexandria and Sporting between the locals, is one of the oldest Egyptian sports clubs based in Alexandria. It has a vast number of club members and the best teams in the country.


Alexandria Sports Club has a huge number of members that need to book trips frequently. A larger number of club members usually book their trips at the eleventh hour of the reservation to be ended. So they need a highly efficient online booking system to facilitate members to avoid crowded booking offices.

Also, they have a pain point to make the club member renew their annual subscription at the Alexandria Sports Club through a suitable payment gateway.

Proposed Development

Objects’ developers built an online booking engine for Alexandria Sports Club that enables members to book the trip they need with certain criteria. It also offers an equal chance to all members providing the same opportunity to reserve seats for them and their followers in the club.
Objects developed web and mobile app for Alexandria Sports Club members to pay their annual subscription fees and book trips without any hassle.
We were supposed to develop web & mobile applications in English and Arabic.


Alexandria sports club members have been using an online booking system developed by Objects to book their trips easily. They are also utilizing the system to renew their annual subscription. The cherry on the top, online booking system also reduces the manual efforts to book trips.
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